PMS Prescription

Published August 2, 2012 by livingpassionatelycoach

Do you feel like this?

I think all of you women know this type of pain out there. YES……It is P.M.S.  I don’t think there is a woman out there that likes going through this in life.  I recently have started having  a bit of issues with this the last few months, all tests come back normal.  But…..I do not FEEL normal.  I even had this chat with my awesome male doctor. His comforting words were that he cannot take away PMS or make me not have a period.  I know that, but is there a way to make the symptoms so much less DRAMATIC????  I think that doctors just don’t know what they don’t know about alternative medicine.  I really want to take the eebie jeebies out of using herbs, healing touch, and prayer.  I do not think all of alternative medicine is rooted in magic or the occult.  I know some of it is and I am very careful as a Christian where I tread.  I believe in an ultra smart Creator who made our bodies super smart. Our bodies know what we need to heal from food.  These days, the nutrients are missing out of our food due to all the processing and chemicals we use.  We are also leading mostly sedimentary lives also. I became a Certified Fibromyalgia Success Coach to support others in their journey and help others reclaim their lives from illness. I also am becoming a Certified Health Coach and am earning my B.A. in complementary and alternative medicine.  I have suffered with hot flashes, terrible moodiness, nausea, migraines, pins and needles in my feet, at times incontinence, dry skin, sweating, not able to sleep no matter what time of day it is.  I will be fine once I start, it all goes away. For a week up to two weeks, I am absolutely sick.  I struggle to concentrate on school work, business work, and relationships.  I tend to withdraw from people during this time.  I have had my hormones checked and they are “normal.”  I am happy about that because HRT is very expensive.  However, Healing for me, and (hopefully for other women too) is on the way. I learned some really cool things about our bodies in my search for an answer. I turned to herbal remedies and found some really hopeful things.  I will report the next month to tell you if the therapy is working.  I learned from the herbal community, that if you have IBS during PMS time, you need to increase your fiber intake.  The three most inexpensive products to use every day to avoid the PMS pits are Sepia, Lycopodium and a vitamin called Femaprin.  I am going to try these first.  You can get them from  I do not get a commission for using herbspro.  I will report back next month to tell you how this work.  There are definitely other products out there that work as well. I found  a few of them.  I chose these as the best for my situation. I am not a doctor and do not treat or diagnose any illness. I offer support and knowledge that I acquire.  I want people to know that we do have options in life. We only have to discern the truth about them and make our own decisions.

God Bless You,

Coach Crystal D


I’m Back!!!

Published August 1, 2012 by livingpassionatelycoach

I haven’t blogged in awhile because I just wasn’t inspired to write. I also had to go through some very hard things personally.  I had to sort some stuff out and get reoriented. I had to get crystal clear on what I want in my life especially in regards to which people I am allowing myself to be influenced by. I am wanting to move to a deeper level of faith, a higher level of thinking, a healthier and happier life. I am ready to unleash the leader that is lurking within me to the world. I am ready to serve. I will be sharing my experiences and what I have learned here and on my coaching blog. I have a fun article for tomorrow for the ladies in my life.  Stay tuned for that. I just wanted to come say hi and I am still on the mission for healthy living.

Much Love,

Coach Crystal D-The Voice of Fibromyalgia

Week One of Total Health

Published January 12, 2012 by livingpassionatelycoach

Dear Friends,

I have had 4 consecutive days where tiredness and depression are not an issue. I feel wholly connected and at peace. I am happy. I have even started to wear make-up and fix my hair when I leave the house. I really like this feeling and intend to bask in the glow of the cold but beautiful day today is. My kids have noticed a difference in their mom. I am healthy. I feel great. I am starting to look good too. What prompted this change? Mindset changes and diet changes thanks to Advocare’s 24 day challenge. I will write you my challenge story tomorrow and explain why choose Advocare. : )


A New Life Perspective

Published January 8, 2012 by livingpassionatelycoach

Don’t ya just love when the Lord speaks directly to you? I woke up this morning excited in my spirit. I get this way everytime God wants to move in a mighty and special way. I didn’t know it was gonna be in my life plus the lives of all who went to Champions’ today. The Lord woke me up at 5:30 am and started speaking to me to pick up and read this book titled Healing the Sick by T.L. Osborn. I was obedient and started reading it. God said he healed us ALL. ALL ALL! I was intrigued. I have always known in my heart that God does indeed heal us ALL. Sometimes it is instaneous which we call a miracle and right fully so. Other times as in my case and some others (maybe we are a bit hard headed, I dunno, only God knows), It is a journey. A process. Life is a journey and process. Let’s slow down, take care of each other and enjoy it. We might find out that we enjoy it. I found a new scripture that I am completely in love with. I am standing on it in my own life so please keep me accountable. It is Matthew 14:36-As many as touched Christ were made PERFECTLY WHOLE. I want to be perfectly whole and enjoy my life….how about you? It is so “hard” because God is so simple. We complicate things, I know I do. Give me a simple task and I can get overwhelmed in all the details. LOL. Healing really is that simple. Receive it today. Today I choose to be made perfectly whole. : ) Will you?


CoachCrystal D

My Medication Decision

Published January 6, 2012 by livingpassionatelycoach

Healing and health comes in so many different forms. What if you hear the Lord’s voice and KNOW that it was him, was obedient and still did not receive a FULL healing? Well… keep believing and hoping. You stand against all odds. No matter how ugly the thing you are battling with looks. No matter what people will judge you as, we can’t meet their expectations any ways. You keep standing on God’s promises and words every day. I have a special prayer book that a good friend of mine gave me a couple years ago. There was a prayer in it for a clear mind. I am praying that prayer daily. It is already yielding good fruit. Is my life drastically different from the girl who hurt every day head to toe and doesn’t want to get to get out of bed? Maybe not yet on the outside but inside she is getting used to her own skin and loving who she is finding there. I am learning to love the child, protector, and adult in me day by day. I am learning a lot of cool stuff which I will be sharing from time to time on here. Admitting I am back on the meds has been a hard road to let you in on. However, I believe God uses ALL things for healing to those who need it. I feel that if I am real and honest with you, you will be the same way with me. What a glorious exchange! We serve and love a REAL God. If he gave all our blessings at one time, we would not learn to appreciate them. I am on day TWO of being back on meds and everything is a lot calmer. I take God’s Word more than I do the meds. I spend time daily with him and allow him to open my eyes and heart more and more. I hope I inspire you if you are on meds and struggling, God knows, he hears your cries, he hears your prayers, and he adores you meds or no meds. : ) If taking meds means a longer happier life in your personal case, take them. One day, I hope to be free of them but it is not gonna be right now. I can accept that. God is still working on my heart and he always will be changing me from season to season. He is my Lord so he is large and in charge.




Published December 31, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

As I say good bye to 2011, I have found several energies I want to let go of permanently. I feel nostalgic looking over the last year. It has been a very hard year but a very rewarding year as well. 2011, made it abundantly clear what I do NOT want in my life any longer and got me really clear on what I DO want. I was so busy in 2011 yet I feel I did not accomplish what I wanted to professionally or personally. I looked for ways to unstick myself and was led to many resources to help me in my life journey. For 34 years, I have struggled with who I really am, and letting it hang out in full glory. I have always been the “weird” girl, the “freak” or the “crazy chick” just to name a few. I am now okay with the labels as I know they don’t define me any longer. I have learned new definitions of why I am “weird” or even a little “freaky”. And guess what? I like it. I found out who I am supposed to be, what my message to others is, and I am learning to embrace it and draw it out. I am an empath. I feel other’s emotions. I absorb energies around me constantly. I encounter God as a spirit and as a spiritual life force energy. I am an energy FREAK!!!! Learning that I am empathic, has been such a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. I have learned how to protect myself, I am learning on how to use this to help others. I want to coach people who are depressed and have chronic pain. I want to heal them. I have changed my major from psychology to alternative health and psychology. I am getting my B.A. in both of them at the same time. I have become a student of Ashford University online because they had this degree. I am also saving money as I attend them. They have a huge support system in place for students. I really feel I have come home. I have found several online communities for people like me to converse. I plan on spending the rest of 2011 being thankful for the revelations and being clear on what I don’t want. I feel a really exciting energy around 2012 and feel it will be my BEST Year in business and personally EVER. I feel new people, opportunities, and blessings entering my life. I have decided to say goodbye to sickness, chronic disease, and Poverty. I have decided to embrace health, and abundance. I can’t wait to see what God brings each and every one of us this year. Good things! I will be looking for what I do want, that is for sure.

Look for what you want, and the resources will come,

Blessings, Love and Light in Jesus Name,

Coach Crystal D

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Published December 24, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

I got up at 4 am raring to go again. I think I am cycling again. ugh. My counselor has noticed that about me too. Lately, if I take a nap during the day while I am not working, I get up the next day around 4 am. It’s so frustrating. I go to bed late too thinking this won’t happen.  I am resting really good though.  I decided to get up and keep you guys company. : )  I am looking forward to a very blessed new year. It’s my goal to make it my best year EVER!!! I am making coffee and I can smell its sweet aroma calling me now from the kitchen. My kids are anxiously awaiting to see what they get for Christmas. My wonderful hubby and my friend wrapped the presents last night soooo….mommy doesn’t even know what they got. I kinda like that. I plan on doing a lot of reading and just enjoying the day today. I may post later, I may not. Either way, Merry Christmas and a Blessed, Prosperous and Happy New Year!


Coach Crystal D