A Really Great Monday

Published October 14, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

Most Mondays I am begging for MORE SLEEP.  I have been down and out for at least 3 months now.  Working at a totally new line of work tends to aggrevate my depression.  You see, I am on the infinite roller coaster in life….I am Bipolar and more on the depressive side.  I have had episodes of psychosis the last couple of days which always freaks me out.  I went to MHMR on Friday and they said I am on the right track. People in my life tell me different. Who am I gonna believe? Ultimately….God.  I choose to believe that he heals people even whenyour body tells you differently or in this case mine. I have noticed in the Bible that most of the prophets were discouraged often, had some kind of depression and ran from God ALOT.  Is this really psychosis or am I just seeing into the Spirit? I guess God will let me know. I woke up in the most awesome mood. My mom, hubby, kids and have been working on getting our house uncluttered. It feels so good to have the house in order. Ahhhh….I get to relax. We are supposed to go to some of our friend house tonight. We are waiting for the call back. Guess I will call it a wonderful day and be thankful.



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