The Absolute PERFECT day with God

Published October 17, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

I really do have to get better at posting this blog daily. : ) I get busy and tired. I guess I am giving in to complacency sometimes as we all do. Anyways,  God says it’s time to take our lives to the NEXT level of glory.  I can tell ya, I love the view from where I am sitting.  We worked on finishing my house this weekend. It’s all organized and it is fit for the Queen and King of God to reign and rule their lives from their place, oh yeah…..don’t forget the little princes, Dylan and Isaac. : ) Isaac has officially moved out of mommy and daddy’s room into his own. We are going through the adjustment phase. I can’t sleep without him….hmmm…..It’s good that he grows though. I woke up so excited in my spirit Sunday morning BEFORE I got to church. I set the expectation in my heart that God would move mightily through his people. Guess What? He did.  My FB friend from Nigeria, Prince Deij Adekoyah was in town to preach. I love the king. he is so sweet. What I didn’t know about my friend is that he WAS temporarily blind. God had a divine appointment for us both. I prayed for a woman and Deiji. By the end of service, he was recognizing his Facebook family. : ) Praise God!!! I have been healed and completely set free from Bipolar Disorder and Fibromyalgia. No more doctors, and meds. I am still going to counselling to take my relationships and business (es) to the next level. As if this was not enough, God had even more in store for me. I tell ya NOTHING compares to the natural high God and his vitamins can put you on PERMANENTLY.  I decided to go back to my Zumba class after being absent for weeks. My Jeep had broken down and was in the shop for 3 weeks. It felt like foever to me.  I felt like a fish in a dry fish bowl.  Before Zumba class, one of my favorite friends was giving out samples of this stuff called Spark. It’s an all natural energy drink.  I really pushed myself in Zumba and got too hot. I almost got sick. Jenn(my friend) checked on me and I told her that I was fine. I had to go potty too so I was in the bathroom like 2 almost 3 songs. Yeah, it was like that. I drank tons of water. After i wiped my face, I felt much better.  Half way through my workout, Spark kicked in. Usually, I get tired midways through my workout.  With Spark, I wasn’t tired at ALL. I had so much fun. I wanted to keep going. I felt like a Zumba instructor. It was AWESOME. I immediately asked Jenn how much Spark was. She was so gracious, she called me with her mentor, Keisha and gave me all the details about Advocare and Spark. Next payday, guess what I am doing? Starting my 24 day challenge. I can’t wait. Before and after pics coming soon to blogs near you. : )  I was 202 when I started my weight loss and fitness goals. I am now 186. I have been stuck there for a while but am losing the belly fat and starting to build lean muscle. The 24 day challenge will get me looking good for Thanksgiving which is GREAT because my sissy and I are taking photos at that time. : ) My daughter will be with me too!!! She’ll see the difference as well.  I am 100% medless for the last two days and I have never felt better. : )  No more Bipolar disorder, no more depression, no more pain. Yay! I know what to do to be victorious now. Time to take everything to the next level. I got invited by Jenn to go away to Dallas this weekend. I really, really, really wanna go. : ) I only have to pay like 43 bucks to stay in a 3 star hotel with food included. I have a ride n gas paid for. Please God provide me a good sitter for the boys on Friday at 4-5:30 pm.


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