God Really is Good ALL the Time/We welcome Jesus

Published December 19, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

I am a children’s minister at Champions Church. You can look up my home church at http://www.champschurch.com.  I absolutely love the Body of Christ I am so blessed to call home. For this Christmas season, I have been kinda down and not really in the “Christmas Spirit” like I normally am.  This week, we were talking about Jesus precious and humble birth.  I had some really funny insights about animals and living in the desert and things that kids these days would not know about. I love relating to the kiddos. They are so precious and so smart. It definatly put the right spirit in my Christmas season. I attended a women’s kitchen gadget exchange and had so many good  laughs. I want to say thank you to my precious church family for simply being YOU.  God is so good all the time, we just don’t always see his wisdom. I encourage you to look for the Jesus in your season. he is there. Waiting for you, with open arms, a open heart and all the treasures of heaven you could possibly want. I pray that all of you have a blessed and wonderful Christ-Mas season. I want Christ more. : )



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