Two Kick ASS Days

Published December 21, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

Sooo….You are probably are wondering why ass is in the title of my blog as a disciple of Christ, right? Wellll….it IS in the bible. Okay, now that I have your attention, I can totally tell you what is going on in my world. I had a really hard last couple of months. I always knew I was kinda freaky and different in all aspects of my life. I was made fun of and bullied for being me in and out of my family and friend circle. I was never confident or felt loved. This happened for a variety of reasons we don’t need to discuss. I broke down at work the other day and made the decision to go back on 3 of my meds. Yes, they are psych meds. However, I have remained pain free for over 9 weeks now. The Lord has shown me my path I am to walk and what light I am sharing with the world. I no longer feel insecure, ugly, or freak in a bad way. The Lord revealed to me that I am a Christian empathy and healer. I am highly sensitive spiritually for a reason. To bring him glory and facilitate healing for others. I literally feel others emotions and pains. I now must hone this skill to benefit people. And….I am totally rocking my life out. I hope you have a totally kick ass life like my friend and life coach Leah Shapiro. The title is in honor of her life coaching practice defy the box. We believe in flying your freak flag and living a totally Kick Ass life that feels soooo good. If you don’t have that, yet, visit

Love and Light,

Rock On,

Coach Crystal









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