Published December 31, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

As I say good bye to 2011, I have found several energies I want to let go of permanently. I feel nostalgic looking over the last year. It has been a very hard year but a very rewarding year as well. 2011, made it abundantly clear what I do NOT want in my life any longer and got me really clear on what I DO want. I was so busy in 2011 yet I feel I did not accomplish what I wanted to professionally or personally. I looked for ways to unstick myself and was led to many resources to help me in my life journey. For 34 years, I have struggled with who I really am, and letting it hang out in full glory. I have always been the “weird” girl, the “freak” or the “crazy chick” just to name a few. I am now okay with the labels as I know they don’t define me any longer. I have learned new definitions of why I am “weird” or even a little “freaky”. And guess what? I like it. I found out who I am supposed to be, what my message to others is, and I am learning to embrace it and draw it out. I am an empath. I feel other’s emotions. I absorb energies around me constantly. I encounter God as a spirit and as a spiritual life force energy. I am an energy FREAK!!!! Learning that I am empathic, has been such a huge burden lifted off my shoulders. I have learned how to protect myself, I am learning on how to use this to help others. I want to coach people who are depressed and have chronic pain. I want to heal them. I have changed my major from psychology to alternative health and psychology. I am getting my B.A. in both of them at the same time. I have become a student of Ashford University online because they had this degree. I am also saving money as I attend them. They have a huge support system in place for students. I really feel I have come home. I have found several online communities for people like me to converse. I plan on spending the rest of 2011 being thankful for the revelations and being clear on what I don’t want. I feel a really exciting energy around 2012 and feel it will be my BEST Year in business and personally EVER. I feel new people, opportunities, and blessings entering my life. I have decided to say goodbye to sickness, chronic disease, and Poverty. I have decided to embrace health, and abundance. I can’t wait to see what God brings each and every one of us this year. Good things! I will be looking for what I do want, that is for sure.

Look for what you want, and the resources will come,

Blessings, Love and Light in Jesus Name,

Coach Crystal D


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