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This is about us. Our blog, our relationships, the many hats we wear in our lives. This blog is written by a 34 year old mommy of 3 who happens to have Fibromyalgia and Bipolar disorder.  This blog is my safe get away place where people can “get inside” my head and roam around, comment, encourage and make friends.  I do have a blog dedicated to my coaching. It’s at http://livingpassionatelycoach.wordpress.com.  I’ll write my more spiritually based (Christian spirit bible based) over there.  This space is for both of us to curl up with a friend and discuss our day whether we learned a profound lesson or not. It’s my personal outlet. I love dancing, music, Zumba, well balanced living, hanging out with family and friends. I am a healer. I love to watch people transform.  My image I use all the time is that of a butterfly. I feel like I am coming out of my cocoon and blooming into a free, wonderful butterfly and I want to help others in the larvae or cocoon phase do the same. : )  I embrace all people and take them at face value until my trust is violated. Then I forgive and protect my heart. I put my heart into everything I do and especially in my writing.  If I offend you, Let me know and we’ll talk about it. I can be quite harsh and blunt at times.  I don’t mean to be but I can be. I am a human like everyone else. I gave up trying to be perfect long ago. Anyways, I hope you like this blog as it unfolds. : )

Nice to Meet Ya,

Coach Crystal D, The Voice of Fibromyalgia, Crystal


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