6 Strange Signs of Fibromyalgia

Published December 24, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

6 Strange Signs of Fibromyalgia

Sensitivity to touch, feeling disoriented – these and other mysterious symptoms are often related to fibromyalgia.

Medically reviewed by Cynthia Haines, MD



If you have fibromyalgia, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the chronic pain and fatigue that often accompany this disorder — which affects about 5 million Americans, primarily women.

But feelings of pain and exhaustion aren’t the only symptoms of fibromyalgia. Other signs that aren’t necessarily visible to others can affect you and make the condition even harder for those around you to understand.

Here are some of the lesser-known signs of fibromyalgia that  you may experience:

Allodynia. You might not give a second thought to rubbing a loved one’s shoulders or patting a friend on the back. But for someone with allodynia, being the recipient of these simple gestures can result in excruciating pain. Allodynia is a heightened sensitivity to touch, which results in pain from things that normally would not cause discomfort.

“This increased skin sensitivity and pain from touch is hypothesized to occur for a number of reasons,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, medical director of Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers. “Over one-third of people with fibromyalgia develop a small fiber neuropathy caused from the chronic pain. In addition, the chronic pain causes amplification of pain signals in the brain itself, as well as changes in three key neurotransmitters related to pain.” Dr. Teitelbaum says medications known as NMDA receptor antagonists — memantine (Namenda) is one — can help.

Allodynia is also related to a lack of restorative sleep, so standard treatments for fibromyalgia — such as physical therapy, exercise, stress relief techniques, and practicing good sleep hygiene — can also help ease allodynia.

Sensitivity to fragrance.  This fibromyalgia symptom is almost directly tied to allodynia and occurs for many of the same reasons. “Increased light, sound, and smell sensitivity are all common,” says Teitelbaum. “We have an enormous amount of sensory input coming in, and it takes energy to sort through all of this to separate the noise from the static. Fibromyalgia predominantly represents an energy crisis, and as the body has trouble sorting through the signal from the noise, it reflects as increased sensitivities.” In addition to whole-body approaches to treating fibromyalgia, Teitelbaum says the anti-seizure medication gabapentin (Neurontin) can often help decrease these sensitivities.

“Fibro fog.”  Also called “brain fog,” this is a very serious fibromyalgia symptom that leaves many people in distress. “Brain fog or fibro fog is a classic component of the energy crisis we call fibromyalgia,” says Teitelbaum. Some of the common signs of fibro fog include a difficulty with word finding or substitution, loss of short-term memory, and occasionally even episodic disorientation that lasts for about 30 to 60 seconds.  “With this disease, calling one’s husband by another man’s name is not a Freudian slip,” Teitelbaum notes. He explains that there is no single cause for fibro fog; rather, it can be caused by a combination of many factors including low thyroid levels, poor sleep, hidden infections such as Candida, and alterations in blood flow to the temporal lobes of the brain, which regulate speech.

Stephen Soloway, MD, a rheumatologist in private practice in Vineland, N.J., attributes much of the difficulties with fibro fog to sleep issues affecting people with fibromyalgia. Practicing good sleep hygiene and getting help from a sleep specialist may be useful.

Paresthesia.  Paresthesia is an unexplained feeling of tingling and numbness that people with fibromyalgia may experience. Often it’s related to anxiety or nervousness over the disorder and can be accompanied by rapid, deep breathing. This in turn can lead to acroparesthesia, a tingling in the hands and feet from lack of carbon dioxide. Considering that anxiety is a major player in parasthesia, the stress relief techniques recommended for fibromyalgia patients can help. Exercise can also play a role in treatment.

Lipomas.  These benign fatty tumors that can appear as lumps in various parts of the body are not directly related to fibromyalgia, but they may cause you to experience more discomfort than the average person does. This may be related to where the lipomas develop — parts of the body that are susceptible to the excessive or inappropriate pain that patients experience, explains Elliot Rosenstein, MD, director of the Institute for Rheumatic and Autoimmune Diseases at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, N.J. “Alternatively, these may be fibro-fatty nodules or localized areas of muscle spasm.”

Excessive sweating.  Some people with fibromyalgia perspire heavily and may even believe they have a fever. This is due to what’s called an autonomic dysfunction within the hypothalamus, the almond-sized area in the brain that controls sleep and regulates sweating, bowel movements, and other automatic body functions. “The autonomic dysfunction causes the increase in sweating,” Teitelbaum says. Some medications and lifestyle changes that can keep you cool and dry may help with this fibromyalgia symptom.

Many of these unusual fibromyalgia symptoms respond to general treatment approaches. If not, talk with your doctor about targeted recommendations that may help.




Two Kick ASS Days

Published December 21, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

Sooo….You are probably are wondering why ass is in the title of my blog as a disciple of Christ, right? Wellll….it IS in the bible. Okay, now that I have your attention, I can totally tell you what is going on in my world. I had a really hard last couple of months. I always knew I was kinda freaky and different in all aspects of my life. I was made fun of and bullied for being me in and out of my family and friend circle. I was never confident or felt loved. This happened for a variety of reasons we don’t need to discuss. I broke down at work the other day and made the decision to go back on 3 of my meds. Yes, they are psych meds. However, I have remained pain free for over 9 weeks now. The Lord has shown me my path I am to walk and what light I am sharing with the world. I no longer feel insecure, ugly, or freak in a bad way. The Lord revealed to me that I am a Christian empathy and healer. I am highly sensitive spiritually for a reason. To bring him glory and facilitate healing for others. I literally feel others emotions and pains. I now must hone this skill to benefit people. And….I am totally rocking my life out. I hope you have a totally kick ass life like my friend and life coach Leah Shapiro. The title is in honor of her life coaching practice defy the box. We believe in flying your freak flag and living a totally Kick Ass life that feels soooo good. If you don’t have that, yet, visit http://www.defythebox.com.

Love and Light,

Rock On,

Coach Crystal








God Really is Good ALL the Time/We welcome Jesus

Published December 19, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

I am a children’s minister at Champions Church. You can look up my home church at http://www.champschurch.com.  I absolutely love the Body of Christ I am so blessed to call home. For this Christmas season, I have been kinda down and not really in the “Christmas Spirit” like I normally am.  This week, we were talking about Jesus precious and humble birth.  I had some really funny insights about animals and living in the desert and things that kids these days would not know about. I love relating to the kiddos. They are so precious and so smart. It definatly put the right spirit in my Christmas season. I attended a women’s kitchen gadget exchange and had so many good  laughs. I want to say thank you to my precious church family for simply being YOU.  God is so good all the time, we just don’t always see his wisdom. I encourage you to look for the Jesus in your season. he is there. Waiting for you, with open arms, a open heart and all the treasures of heaven you could possibly want. I pray that all of you have a blessed and wonderful Christ-Mas season. I want Christ more. : )


Who am I?

Published December 17, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

Who is Coach CrystalD?

I am a wife to James Derrick Dunn. I am a mother of 3 beautiful kids, Dylan, Anabella and Isaac. I love healing, God, music, art, dancing, and relaxing.  i don’t get a lot of time to relax. I enjoy it while I can. : )  I love massages. I had Fibromyalgia for over 7 years. God recently healed me from that. No pain now for 9 weeks. I have had a set back from the Depression. I had to pray really hard and as a result have gone back on my medications. I have not given up on total healing. I have decided to dig deeper with God and heal some underlying causes he has revealed.  I did struggle with my faith a little bit as a result of crying and breaking down for over 5 hrs last week. I can tell you, medication has made a difference.  I don’t expect to be on the meds for a lifetime. I do expect to heal along my journey. I will share my healing and things I learn on both of my blogs as I feel inspired to do so. I no longer allow myself to feel like I am a victim of life.  I am victorious in life. This blog is my daily release. My other blog will mostly be about issues that I have learned about and would like clients to see.  It’s my coaching site. This site is more my “friend” site. I hope you will enjoy the benefit of both sites.

More to come on who Iam via radio.

Love, blessings, peace n joy,

Crystal dunn

The Absolute PERFECT day with God

Published October 17, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

I really do have to get better at posting this blog daily. : ) I get busy and tired. I guess I am giving in to complacency sometimes as we all do. Anyways,  God says it’s time to take our lives to the NEXT level of glory.  I can tell ya, I love the view from where I am sitting.  We worked on finishing my house this weekend. It’s all organized and it is fit for the Queen and King of God to reign and rule their lives from their place, oh yeah…..don’t forget the little princes, Dylan and Isaac. : ) Isaac has officially moved out of mommy and daddy’s room into his own. We are going through the adjustment phase. I can’t sleep without him….hmmm…..It’s good that he grows though. I woke up so excited in my spirit Sunday morning BEFORE I got to church. I set the expectation in my heart that God would move mightily through his people. Guess What? He did.  My FB friend from Nigeria, Prince Deij Adekoyah was in town to preach. I love the king. he is so sweet. What I didn’t know about my friend is that he WAS temporarily blind. God had a divine appointment for us both. I prayed for a woman and Deiji. By the end of service, he was recognizing his Facebook family. : ) Praise God!!! I have been healed and completely set free from Bipolar Disorder and Fibromyalgia. No more doctors, and meds. I am still going to counselling to take my relationships and business (es) to the next level. As if this was not enough, God had even more in store for me. I tell ya NOTHING compares to the natural high God and his vitamins can put you on PERMANENTLY.  I decided to go back to my Zumba class after being absent for weeks. My Jeep had broken down and was in the shop for 3 weeks. It felt like foever to me.  I felt like a fish in a dry fish bowl.  Before Zumba class, one of my favorite friends was giving out samples of this stuff called Spark. It’s an all natural energy drink.  I really pushed myself in Zumba and got too hot. I almost got sick. Jenn(my friend) checked on me and I told her that I was fine. I had to go potty too so I was in the bathroom like 2 almost 3 songs. Yeah, it was like that. I drank tons of water. After i wiped my face, I felt much better.  Half way through my workout, Spark kicked in. Usually, I get tired midways through my workout.  With Spark, I wasn’t tired at ALL. I had so much fun. I wanted to keep going. I felt like a Zumba instructor. It was AWESOME. I immediately asked Jenn how much Spark was. She was so gracious, she called me with her mentor, Keisha and gave me all the details about Advocare and Spark. Next payday, guess what I am doing? Starting my 24 day challenge. I can’t wait. Before and after pics coming soon to blogs near you. : )  I was 202 when I started my weight loss and fitness goals. I am now 186. I have been stuck there for a while but am losing the belly fat and starting to build lean muscle. The 24 day challenge will get me looking good for Thanksgiving which is GREAT because my sissy and I are taking photos at that time. : ) My daughter will be with me too!!! She’ll see the difference as well.  I am 100% medless for the last two days and I have never felt better. : )  No more Bipolar disorder, no more depression, no more pain. Yay! I know what to do to be victorious now. Time to take everything to the next level. I got invited by Jenn to go away to Dallas this weekend. I really, really, really wanna go. : ) I only have to pay like 43 bucks to stay in a 3 star hotel with food included. I have a ride n gas paid for. Please God provide me a good sitter for the boys on Friday at 4-5:30 pm.

About Me

Published October 14, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

About Me


Hi! I’d like to introduce myself and tell ya a little about me.  My name is Coach Crystal D aka Blog Talk Radio’s The Voice of Fibromyalgia.  I am a Certified Life and Fibromyalgia Coach.  I am currently in school to get my Bachelor’s in Psychology. I absolutely live to inspire other people and help them live their life to the fullest. I want the highest possible good for my clients, friends, family and of course my blog readers.  What inspired me to become a life coach?  I met a wonderful friend named Marla. We both suffer(ed) with debilitating chronic pain illnesses and decided that becoming coaches to support the chronically pain stricken was where God led us to go. Marla is RSD Coach Marla. And she suffers from RSD and many other pain issues. She is wonderful and I miss talking to her due to work. My practice is empty due to my clients living their own successful lives which make me happy. : )  I am currently taking applications for clients if you are interested; you can email me at coachcrystaldvof@gmail.com.  For more information on my coaching practice, please visit my other site at http://livingpassionatecoach.wordpress.com.  For now, I want to connect as people and tell my story.  It all began 7 years ago. 7 years ago, I was a happy single parent of a highly functioning Autistic son. I was engaged to my dear hubby, Derrick. All was well in my world. I had just moved to Baird, Texas to start my new family. Then, I got a daily headache which only got worse so I headed to Abilene to the doctor. I was diagnosed with migraines and put on migraine medicine. I thought okay, no big deal. The pain then moved and settled in my neck and shoulders. I thought this is weird the pain is moving down. I went back to the doctor and was placed on muscle relaxers. They helped but then the pain moved to my back and legs. I had what I describe as a full body migraine. It was relentless and would not go away. It only got worse. I went to the Abilene Diagnostic Clinic and got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The pain grew so bad that I had to take Robaxin 750 mg every 6 hours. I went on to become an EMT, a Certified Nurse Aide and continued to work. I also had another child with this condition. When Isaac (now 5) was born, he and I literally lived on my coach for 6 months. I could laugh or smile I hurt so bad. One time I remember I laughed and Isaac got scared because he had never heard me laugh his entire life. I felt so bad. I went to school to become a life coach and love this profession. I did not have any support going through these times and that is why I offer it now.  I suffered daily with this condition until this Monday when God finally set me free and healed me.  As if the Fibro was not enough, I am also Bipolar.  I’ve only had that diagnosis for 6 months. I have been a depressive person since my teens and twenties. I am 34 and proud now. Since turning 30, I feel I have really grown into my own skin. I like me for the first time in my life. I go to a wonderful Church named Champions Church. You can check us out online at http://www.champschurch.com. I encourage you to listen to the sermons as they are online weekly. I feel I am a healer. I heal hearts. I love that calling on my life and feel honored to do so. I am a good listener, I listen with my whole being and am very intuitive in the spirit. Because of many experiences like these, our church has a ministry/healing team which I have been trained for. I love it. That’s how I received my healing. I was deeply praying in my spirit for a friend of mine and God touched me too. Ministry goes both ways when you are praying for someone. God is such a loving and awesome person. I am so thankful for him being in my life. I have been saved for 10 years and have really gotten to know God well in the last 3. I am a children’s minister for 3-6 year olds and on the prayer team. As you can tell, I love to pray. It has set me free. I love music, books,   painting, writing, kids, animals, talking, love people (most of the time). I tend to be shy. I love to make new friends so feel free to comment away. I have done public speaking on Blog Talk Radio and am trying to nail down a time frame in the afternoon to host my show again. I miss that. I am on Facebook and twitter. Please connect with me there as well. : ) Anyways, that’s me in a nutshell. Hope you enjoyed. If I can live a full, happy life, anyone can. No excuses.


Coach Crystal D.


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/CoachCrystalD (personal)

http://www.twitter.com/VoiceofFibromya     (coaching)


Face book:  http://www.facebook.com/CoachCrystalD

Thursdays Post

Published October 14, 2011 by livingpassionatelycoach

Wow….So much has happened to me in the last 24 hrs. I got up early (5:30 am) yesterday and got my day started by completing my homework in my college English class. Then, I got my kids off to school. I had some much needed alone time with the Lord. The Lord spoke to me and said, “No more pain pills. No more Fibromyalgia. I have healed you. Welcome to a new life.” At first, I was amazed. I knew I was expecting this day for a long, long time. Part of me is super excited, the other a little scared. When you hurt head to toe all day and night every day, it’s hard to wrap your head and heart around not having pain. I went through the first day a little leary. I can honestly tell you that the pain tried to come back and Satan was trying to talk me out of my healing because he has done that to me before. All he is good for is to lie, kill, and destroy. First, he lies or spins the truth to where it is perverted, then he destroys the life he promises, then he will kill to stop the Gospel from being told. He is a real enemy. Thank God Jesus gave us weapons to use against him. He is a defeated foe. Tuesday was day two no more pain pills. Satan leaned against my body in a very fierce way. I almost caved and took a pain pill. Wednesday was the best day, Day 3 no pain pills. No pain AT ALL. Today, Thursday, October 13, 2011 is Day FOUR of NO pain pills. It was a very stressful day at work dealing with people and their lying mouths. I am praying over my jobs because the demonic has a very tight grip on that area of my life . I almost quit my job today over a LIE. I won’t get into all that…just know it was soooo stressful. I hold my tension and stress in my neck and shoulders lower back too. I missed my pain pills but am standing firm for the healing. You see, my message to the world is God loves you, he is not mad at you; you do not have to “perform” to “win” God’s love. It’s unconditional, undeserved, free love. Writing this blog really helps the tension go down. I can feel the emotions releasing all ready. Thank you for being here with me. I’m really painfully shy in person until I get to know ya. Then, we are family from that point on. Today at work showed me that I really do need to focus on getting my coaching practice filled so I can live the dream I want to live. I’m tired of being stepped on, kicked around, told she’s got no value, and living someone else’s vision for my life or other people thinking they have the right to place a low value on me just because I am new somewhere and don’t fit in. I kinda like not “fitting in” because I don’t agree with the main stream media anyways. I am unique, one of a kind, precious in God’s eyes and so are you. I am soooo tired because I only got two hours of sleep last night. : ) I am going to go relax, take a nice warm bath tonight and just chillax. : 0 ) Awww….Beautiful Thursday. Fridays are my FAVORITE days. : )